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The Poky Little Puppy & the Sense of Taste

I’m excited to tell you about another lesson in the Poky Little Puppy Five Senses series! Today we’re looking at the sense of taste. This lesson is for Preschool-1st grade students, and is based on the book The Poky Little Puppy by Janette Sebring Lowery. In the lesson, there are questions related to the story for the teacher and students to discuss, a fun sense of taste worksheet, a maze, and other fun activities.

All About the Lesson:

fun sense of taste activities

Discussion Questions

The questions on the page below are for you to ask your students. They are designed to start a discussion about the story and about the sense of taste.

Guess the Flavor

Have some different flavored candies (jelly beans, skittles, gummy bears, etc.) for the students to taste. After tasting the candy, the students guess what flavor it was.

Sense of Taste Worksheet

The sense of taste worksheet in the picture below has a number of different foods. Give each student a copy and then discuss what the different foods taste like. Encourage the students to use words like sweet, salty, sour, bitter, and spicy. After you have finished the discussion, the students can color the pictures on their worksheet.

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Handwriting Worksheet

Have your students practicing tracing and writing words with this sense of taste worksheet. They will be writing words that relate to the sense of taste, so you can combine learning the lesson topic with improving handwriting skills.

Poky Little Puppy Maze

The maze is a fun activity your students will enjoy doing. After they have helped the Poky Little Puppy find the strawberry shortcake, they can color the pictures.

sense of taste worksheet


So, now that you know all about this lesson, here’s where you can go get it: The Poky Little Puppy Lesson on Taste. I hope it will be very helpful for your students as they learn more about exploring the world around them with their sense of taste.

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sense of taste worksheet

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