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8 Fun Sense of Taste Activities for 1st Graders

In today’s post we will be looking at some different fun sense of taste activities. We will also be seeing how the sense of smell and the sense of taste are closely related.

8 Fun Sense of Taste Activities

Taste and Describe

For this activity, give your students something to taste. After they have tried it, have them describe to you how it tastes.

Some ideas of things for them to try would be different kinds of candy, especially various fruit flavored candies like Starbursts, Gummy bears, and Skittles.


Mrs. Gibson has her son Joey try a lemon drop. After sucking on it a bit, he tells her how it tastes. He says, “It’s really sour, and it makes my tongue feel kind of funny. But it’s also sweet at the same time.”

Guess the Flavor Contest

This is another of the fun sense of taste activities that has the students tasting things. This time, the students will be tasting different things and guessing what flavor they are. Fruit flavored candies like Starbursts would be a good option. The students could try the candies and try to figure out if they are strawberry, watermelon, lemon, etc. To be sure they don’t see wrappers or colors, blindfold them with a scarf.


Mrs. Gibson has blindfolded Marcus and now gives him a piece of candy to eat. He chews on it, thinking about the flavor. It’s sweet, so it’s probably not lemon or apple. It might be watermelon. Or is it strawberry? He finally decides to guess watermelon.

“Is it watermelon?” he asks his mom.

Mrs. Gibson checks the wrapper. “Yes, it is. Good job, Marcus.”

Describe How It Tastes

For this activity, you will tell your students an item for them to describe to you. They will tell you about it, using words related to taste to do so. They will tell you all about how this particular item tastes. Older students can write about the flavor, and younger students can tell about it.


Laura is describing a watermelon to her mom. She tells Mrs. Gibson, “It is very juicy. That’s why it has the name watermelon, ‘cause so much of it is water. It’s also sweet, and it’s crisp when I take bite.”

List Taste Words

Students will write down all the words they can think of relating to taste. To make it more exciting, the students can be racing against a clock, each other, or working in teams to compile the lists of words.


Joey and Olivia are working together to make their list of words. So far they have come up with eleven different words: taste, tongue, spicy, sweet, bitter, hot, yummy, taste buds, sour, sugary, and salty.

Guess the Item

On slips of paper, you will write down the names of different kinds of food. One student will draw one of the slips and then describe how it tastes. The other students will be trying to guess which food it is. The student who correctly guesses which food it is will then get the opportunity to describe the food on another of the slips of paper.


Laura drew the paper that says ice cream. So she begins describing it. “It’s sweet and it comes in all different flavors.”

“Cake!” Marcus guesses.

“No.” Laura shakes her head. “It’s sometimes chocolate, and sometimes vanilla. It can be about any flavor you want. Oh, and it’s cold.”

“Ice cream!” Olivia guesses.


Now it is Olivia’s turn to describe a food. She draws a slip of paper that says orange, and the game continues.

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The Poky Little Puppy & the Sense of Taste

Teach your students about the sense of taste with the children’s classic story The Poky Little Puppy. The puppy and his siblings enjoy different yummy desserts, and in the activity guide, the students will get to do different sense of taste worksheets. There is one that combines handwriting and taste by having the students trace and write different words relating to the sense of taste. There is another worksheet where the students first discuss how the different foods on the worksheet would taste. Then they color the pictures. The students also get to do a fun maze and answer some questions from the story.

sense of taste activities
sense of taste activities

The Smell and Taste Experiment

For this activity, you will need a kind of food for the students to eat. First, they will hold their nose and try it. If they hold it tight enough, the food should have little or no flavor. You will explain to them that our sense of smell and our sense of taste are attached to each other. To help it make even more sense to the students, you could explain that is why when they have a cold or a stuffy nose, they have a harder time tasting their food. Afterwards, the students can taste the food as they normally would and see the difference between the two times of tasting the food.

Draw Something __

Give your students a drawing assignment related to the sense of taste. Tell them to draw something sweet, spicy, sour, etc. Different students could have different words, or they could all have the same word.


Mrs. Gibson gave Joey and Olivia the word sweet. Joey drew a cupcake, and Olivia drew a bowl of ice cream.

Marcus and Laura’s word was salty. So Laura drew a picture of potato chips and Marcus drew a picture of a salt shaker.


These fun sense of taste activities will get your student thinking about how things taste and how they can learn using their sense of taste.

Are there any fun sense of taste activities your students enjoy doing? Let us know! I’m always looking for more ideas to add to this post.

sense of taste activities

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