Hey there! Thanks for stopping by my website! My name is Hannah, and I am a child of God first and a teacher second. I live in Texas where I design and sell educational activities for you, the busy teacher. Reading is a passion of mine, so a number of the activities center around helping students grow to love reading.

My vision with this website is to share techniques that will be helpful for teachers of all kinds, be they classroom teachers, online teachers, Sunday School teachers, or home-school moms. I also hope to provide you with quality lessons and activities that your students will enjoy and learn from at the same time.

My Teaching Experience:

I graduated from university with an Elementary Education degree and a minor in TESOL.

For one semester, I taught Kindergarten-3rd grade in a private Christian school. I was regularly involved in children’s ministry for a number of years, teaching Sunday School, Junior Church, and multiple Vacation Bible Schools in both the US and Mexico. I’ve also had four years of experience teaching ESL to both children and adults.

Currently, my health has taken a downward turn, so I’ve had to take an indefinite break from teaching. But that doesn’t mean I’m entirely out of the teaching game. I am still creating supplementary educational activities, primarily for the lower grades.

What to Expect:

Here on the website, I share teaching tips, read-aloud stories, and activity ideas for you to incorporate into your lessons.

I will also provide in-depth looks at the various products I make. That way you can see if they are the right fit for your students’ needs.

Learning should be fun and enjoyable, so I use lots of games, crafts, and coloring activities in my material.

And now, how about a few fun facts about myself, so you can get to know me on a personal level!

  • I love writing stories.
  • I’m a leftie.
  • Travel is a favorite activity.
  • My favorite school subject was history.
  • I disliked English but now love it.
  • I don’t read books; I devour them.
  • I love (almost) anything pink.
  • Antarctica is one of the places I most want to visit.

I hope you decide to stick around and become a regular here on More Than Just Reading!