More Than Just Reading

Hey there, Readers! Are you a young person or someone who works with young people who enjoy learning through reading? Do you enjoy fun crafts and activities to go along with what you read? Do you enjoy hand-on projects to reinforce what you read? You’ve come to the right spot.

Welcome to More Than Just Reading!

My name is Hannah and I talk about all things reading related, along with a few other topics like practical music tips, writing tips and techniques, and Bible study. I also discuss the literature study guides with crafts and activities that I make and sell on Teachers Pay Teachers. Reading is a passion of mine, and I love encouraging others to spend more time reading and learning by reading.

More Than Just Reading

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The printable study guides accompany specific classics, historical books, and Christian books, and have questions, crafts, games, and other fun activities to encourage students to do more than just reading. They are for all ages of students.

More Than Just Reading

These study guides are good for all types of students, whether they enjoy reading or not. Students who do not like to read will enjoy the hand-on activities, and students who love to read will enjoy doing the crafts that accompany their favorite books.

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My store also has other fun digital products like printable bookmarks, different kinds of coloring pages, and various sets of Memory and Go Fish cards.

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