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A Spider Monkey Lesson for 1st Grade

Are you needing a last-minute lesson or a lesson to supplement a unit on animals in the rainforest? Today I’m sharing a free read-aloud story about a spider monkey. (Keep scrolling to read it!) In addition to the story, there are also accompanying printable crafts and activities that you can use with your students. This spider monkey lesson for 1st grade or kindergarten is great for supplementary material or to go with your other sub lessons.

What’s Included?

The spider monkey lesson for 1st grade contains the following activities:

  • A read-aloud story about a Spider Monkey
  • Real monkey pictures
  • Discussion questions
  • Writing Worksheet
  • Monkey Maze
  • Find the Hidden Monkeys Worksheet
  • Monkey Facts Book
  • Make a Monkey Craft
  • Monkey Mask
spider monkey lesson for 1st grade

Read-aloud Monkey Story

Monkey swings from branch to branch, moving quickly through the tops of the tall trees. He isn’t
afraid of falling, even though he is high up in the air.

Monkeys live in many different parts of the world. This monkey is a Spider Monkey and lives in
South America in the rain forest.

Swinging from one tree to another, Monkey finally reaches the nut trees where he and the other
monkeys in his group will eat. Nuts and fruits are some of Monkey’s favorite foods.

The monkeys watch for danger as they eat. If one of them sees any animals coming that might hurt
them, that monkey will make a barking sound to try to scare away the dangerous animal.

Monkey looks far down at the ground and sees a jaguar coming, walking softly through the leaves.
But even though the jaguar is on the ground now, Monkey knows it could climb the tree and come
after him.

He begins to bark, hoping the jaguar will leave. But the jaguar keeps walking. Then Monkey, and
the other monkeys with him, begin breaking off sticks from the tree branches. (Ask the students why
they think the monkeys are doing that.)

With their hands, they snap off the sticks and drop them. Maybe one of the sticks will hit the
jaguar and chase him away.

The monkeys throw many sticks, and finally the jaguar leaves. It realizes the monkeys are too
watchful. It won’t be able to catch one of them today.

The monkeys return to eating and grooming. Using their fingers, the monkeys comb each other’s
fur. This helps to keep them clean and it keeps bugs out of their fur.

As nighttime comes, Monkey and the other monkeys find a place to sleep. They do not sleep on
the ground. That would be too dangerous since jaguars and big snakes will be moving through the
rain forest during the night. Whether it’s day or night, monkeys have to be careful that jaguars don’t
catch them.

The monkeys sleep in the tops of the trees. Monkey finds a comfortable branch and curls up to

Activities to Accompany the Story

So, do you think that’s a story your students would enjoy and learn from? If so, they will also enjoy the activities that go along with the story.

spider monkey lesson for 1st grade

Real monkey pictures

As you read the story to your students, there are spider monkey pictures for you to show them. When you come to the part about the jaguar, there is also a jaguar picture. These pictures will help to keep your students engaged as well as showing them what the animals in the story look like.

spider monkey lesson for 1st grade | spider monkey story, pictures, and review questions

Discussion questions

After the story, there are discussion questions for you to ask your students. These questions will show how well they understood the story and how much they remember of it.

Writing Worksheet

For this activity, the students can practice handwriting by tracing and then copying some simple words related to the story.

spider monkey lesson for 1st grade | spider monkey writing worksheet

Monkey Maze

The students will complete this maze by helping the monkey find his way through the M to get to the berries. You can point out to the students that M is the letter that monkey begins with.

spider monkey lesson for 1st grade | spider monkey maze

Find the Hidden Monkeys Worksheet

The students will search this picture of the rainforest to find the five spider monkeys hidden in the trees.

spider monkey lesson for 1st grade | spider monkey hidden picture worksheet

Monkey Facts Book

This is a fun activity where the students get to color and assemble their own little book about spider monkeys. There are detailed instructions for putting the book together correctly. The book has pictures as well as spider monkey facts, helping the students remember what they have learned in this lesson.

spider monkey lesson for 1st grade | spider monkey book to make
spider monkey lesson for 1st grade | spider monkey book to make

Make a Monkey Craft

The students will need pipe cleaners and a craft stick in addition to the monkey head included in the lesson to make this monkey craft. Instructions are included for making this fun craft.

spider monkey lesson for 1st grade | spider monkey craft

Monkey Mask

The students can use the cutout pictured below to make a monkey mask to wear. They can wear it while role-playing the story or making up a story of their own about spider monkeys.

spider monkey lesson for 1st grade | spider monkey mask craft

Additional Information

The activities that need it (discussion questions, hidden picture search, etc.) also have an answer key included.

So are you ready to get the spider monkey lesson for 1st grade and use it in your classroom? All you have to do is click the button below, and it will take you directly to the listing where you can download it completely free!


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