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7 Fun Sense of Sight Activities for 1st Graders

God has given us our five senses to use for learning more about the world around us. Today we will be looking at some fun sense of sight activities your students can do to learn.

7 Fun Sense of Sight Activities

Playing I Spy

The game I Spy is a fun activity that gets children looking at their surroundings. They notice details that they might not notice otherwise. Before someone spied something green, they might not have thought about the green carpet on the floor or the green flower pot on teacher’s desk.

How to play:

One student, Joey, is it and he looks around for an object. He sees the clock on the wall and decides to choose that. So, he says, “I spy with my little eye, something blue.

Now the other students take turns guessing. Laura sees the blue ball on the poster. “Is it that ball,” she asks.

Joey shakes his head no. Marcus asks if it is the rug on the floor. Again, Joey shakes his head no. Each of the students take turns guessing. Finally, Olivia asks, “Is it the clock on the wall?”

Joey grins. “Yes, it is.” Now it is Olivia’s turn to be it.

I Spy is a game that can be played over and over again, and it doesn’t require anything beyond what you already have in the room. Best of all, it helps your students learn to be observant of their surroundings and notice details.

I Spy Pages

Along the same lines as playing I Spy, another of the fun sense of sight activities is using I Spy worksheets gets your students looking for things. With these interesting worksheets, students will look for all sorts of different things. Maybe the page is a farm picture. They might be looking for kittens, a shovel, a packet of seeds or some ducks. Or if the worksheet has a scene from a park, they might be trying to find a skateboard, some swings, or a kid on a slide.

I Spy worksheets give students practice looking for things they wouldn’t normally be able to find in their classroom.

Spot the Difference Worksheets

Another kind of worksheet that gives students practice using their sense of sight to learn is the spot the difference worksheet.

With two very similar pictures, students must pay close attention to details to find out what is different. Do both pictures have a sun in the sky? Is that boy wearing a hat in both pictures? How many differences will your students be able to find?

The Poky Little Puppy + the Sense of Sight

This is an activity guide that teaches students about the sense of sight with some of the fun activities found here. The students will get to play I Spy, complete a dog-themed I Spy page, and more. They also will get to hear the favorite classic children’s book, The Poky Little Puppy.

fun sense of sight activities
fun sense of sight activities

Describe How It Looks

Assign something for your students to describe by the way it looks. Depending on their age, they could either write about it or tell what it looks like.


Laura is telling her mom, Mrs. Gibson, about what a tree looks like. She says, “A tree is tall and skinny. The trunk and branches are brown. The branches stick out of the trunk all the way up the tree. Smaller branches come out of the bigger branches. And green oval leaves grow on the small branches.” Laura is learning to look at something and describe how it looks.

Scavenger Hunt

Give your students a list of things to look for in the classroom or on the playground or out in nature. Some of the things could be fairly obvious like a piece of furniture, a tree, or a bench. Others could take more looking to find like a pencil, a bird, or a flower.


Mrs. Gibson and her children are on a nature walk. Each of the students has a list of things to look for. Marcus sees a bird fly over the trail. Checking his paper, he sees a bird is on the list. So he marks it.

Olivia and Joey both find some blue flowers growing along the trail. Flowers are on their list, so they mark that they saw it.

Treasure Hunt

This exciting sense of sight activity is one your students will love, though it does take a little preparation. Bring some little trinkets to school and hide them around the classroom. Ideas include small toys, stickers, and candy. You will also need clues telling your students telling where to look. Some clue ideas would be, “Look under the thing that is big, flat, and green.” When the students see that clue, they will know to look under the rug. Under it, they might find a pack of gum, a sheet of stickers, or something else flat.

Each little trinket, will have a clue hidden with it that tells where the next prize is hidden. Make sure you hide enough prizes for each of your students to get one.


Olivia, Laura, Marcus, and Joey are working together to figure out Mrs. Gibson’s treasure hunt. Marcus reads aloud the clue they just found. “The next treasure is under something round and brown. It has four legs.” The children all look around the room. “I know,” Olivia squeals. She scurries to the reading corner and picks up one of the little reading stools. Under it is a puppy keychain and another clue. And so, the treasure hunt continues until all the prizes have been found.

fun sense of sight activities

List of Sight Words

Have your students write down all the words they can think of related to the sense of sight. They can work alone, in groups, or all together. This activity can also be turned into a contest, with the students racing each other or the clock.


Marcus is making his own list of words. So far he has written sight, see, eyes, look, big, small, tall, wide, and flat.


I hope you found these fun sense of sight activities helpful for you and that they inspire you to try new ways to get your students using their five senses. Do you have any other activities you like using with your students to teach about the sense of sight? How do you encourage your students to take notice of the things around them, to see what they can learn from them. Let us know in the comments! I’m always looking for more ideas to add to this post.

fun sense of sight activities

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