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The Poky Little Puppy & the Sense of Smell

With this lesson, you can teach your students all about the sense of smell, using the Little Golden Book, The Poky Little Puppy by Janette Sebring Lowery. There are questions related to the story for the teacher and students to discuss, a sense of smell worksheet, a smell exploration activity, and a fun dog playset for the students to make and play with.

All About the Lesson

sense of smell worksheet

Discussion Questions

The questions on the page below are for you to ask your students. They are designed to start a discussion about the story and about the sense of smell.

Sense of Smell Practice:

Have several things with different smells for the students to smell. It could be candles, food, room spray, and other scented items. To turn it into a game, the students could guess what the scents are

Sense of Smell Worksheet

The students will complete this worksheet by coloring the pictures, circling with a red crayon the things that smell nice, and with a blue crayon the things that smell bad.

sense of smell worksheet

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Handwriting Worksheet

Have your students practicing tracing and writing words with this sense of smell worksheet. They will be writing words that relate to the sense of smell, so you can combine learning the lesson topic with improving handwriting skills.

Make a Dog Scene

The last page is a dog playset for the students to color, cut out, and play with. If they want to make a picture, they can glue the dog and accessories onto colored construction paper.

sense of smell worksheet


So, now that you know all about this lesson, here’s where you can go get it: The Poky Little Puppy Lesson on Smell. I hope it will be very helpful for your students as they learn more about exploring the world around them with their sense of smell.

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  1. Jacky manchester

    It is all good, and very delightful for learning. Do you know the Ben Carson story? Reading is what made him great. I have several of his books if you would like to borrow them and also the book A DOCTOR IN THE HOUSE by Candy Carson, all good reading and inspirational with encouragement to read and read and read some more. I love biographies especially, as they are meaningful to me. And I have a shelf full of missionary bios. All good information, Hannah, keep up the good work.

    1. Thank you so much for your comment! I know some of Ben Carson’s story, but I didn’t know that part of it. Thank you for sharing! Yes, I love reading biographies as well.

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