Who do we learn from when reading?
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Who Do We Learn From When Reading?

No one else views life exactly the way you do. Or the way I do. Or the way anyone does for that matter. We are all unique; God made us that way.

So if we all have our own viewpoint on life, whenever we read what another person has written, we are glimpsing life from their point of view. We are seeing things the way they see them.

When we read a biography, we learn about life from the perspective of the person the book is about. When we are reading to learn, we can learn why they did what they did, why they made the choices they did. While we may not agree with all their choices, we can still learn from them.

Three missionary biographies | Reading to learn

Some of my favorite biographies are about missionaries like Gladys Aylward, Nate Saint, and Brother Andrew. By reading about them and others, I can learn from their successes as well as their failures.

Is Reading To Learn Always A Good Thing?

One caution about reading to learn from another’s viewpoint is that we should not accept the ideas of others without first checking that they are in agreement with the Bible. Some ideas sound good at first, but taking a second look reveals that they do not quite line up with the Bible’s teachings.

My mom and sister and I had this happen when we started listening to an audiobook that we had heard lots of different people talking about. It was on a topic we were interested in, so we began listening to it.

Headphones on a stack of books | Reading to learn

It wasn’t long before we realized the philosophy behind it was not good. The author’s viewpoint was not in line with the Bible.

There are many books, though that do contain a good message and can teach us many things. Later this week, I will be doing a post about my favorite author and why I like her books so much.

I would love to hear who some of your favorite authors are and what some of your favorite books are. And be sure to subscribe to get access to the freebies archive and get email notifications for new blogposts!



  1. Bethany

    This was such a good post, Hannah! Books are a beneficial part of life, but they have to be taken with a grain of salt and measure up to the standards of the only perfect book: the Bible.

    1. Thank you, Bethany! That is so true!

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