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How To Fight Off Boredom

Grace Reid wandered into the living-room in that way that a person does when she doesn’t know what to do with herself. She had just finished the last book in an exciting series, and she wasn’t ready to settle down to another book. She needed some fun activities to do when bored.

“I want something to do, but I don’t know what.” She said aloud. Then an idea struck her. She walked to the school bookshelf and pulled off a folder. Opening it, she pulled out a sheet of paper, which she carried to the dining-room table along with a pen.

After sitting down and thinking a minute, she began writing busily. “What did I enjoy about this book?” she asked herself. “That’s easy, all of it.”

“Would I recommend it to a friend? Definitely! Until they were tired of hearing about it or desperate to read it for themselves.”

Are you ever bored or unsettled at the end of a good book? Do you know the feeling of finishing a book and knowing there isn’t any more to read, but you’re not quite ready to move on to a new book? Not all books leave me like this, but the really good ones do. And when you experience that feeling, I have some suggestions of activities to do when bored.

Of course you can do these activities any time and not just while you’re trying to decide what to read next. You could do them for a favorite book you haven’t read for awhile or a book you are reading for school. There are lots of possibilities!

Activities To Do When Bored:

activities to do when bored

Illustrate your favorite scene.

If you enjoy drawing, whether you are good at it or not, try recreating your favorite scene through pictures. As you draw the action, you can think about what you liked about that scene. For books that teach good lessons, you can also think about what you learned and how you can apply it to your own life.

You can also draw your favorite characters. Skim the book for characteristics, and see how well you can draw that person. When you’re finished, see if the drawing matches your mental image of them.

Do something the characters did.

Maybe the characters went on a picnic, made cookies, went hiking, or helped someone in need. Well then, you could do one of those activities. Of course, you can’t do everything they did; that usually wouldn’t be very safe. But if you look hard enough, you will find something you can do. See if you can be a blessing to someone else while doing it! Use your reading material for ideas of ways to be thoughtful of others and make their load easier for them.

Write a book review.

Not sure how to go about writing a book review? Check out my free book review form! It’s got questions to answer and places to write out your thoughts on the book.

Writing a book review helps to organize your thoughts on a book. Not sure whether or not you liked it enough to keep it or read it again? Well, writing out what you liked and didn’t like will help you figure that out.

Act out a scene with your siblings.

Have your siblings read the book too? Then you could all get together and decide to act out part of it. Choose a fun scene and decide who’s who and how elaborate you will get. Will you need props? What will you use? Make sure there’s not the possibility of anyone getting hurt while acting out the scene. It’s best not to recreate the injuries and dangerous parts.

This way you can enjoy quality time with your siblings. You can also discuss what you thought of the book and how it helped you. Talking it out will reinforce what you read. You can combine fun and learning at the same time!


Are you ready to go get busy re-enacting your favorite scene or writing down what you learned while reading? I hope these ideas of activities to do when bored were helpful for you! Let me know which ideas you liked best and if you decide to give any of them a try.



  1. Bethany

    This was so creative! I’ve often felt that slump or lost feeling after reading a good book. What great ideas for getting past it, Hannah!!

    1. Yes, I have to! Thank you, Bethany!

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