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Reading Gives Us The Ultimate Opportunity!

One Book is far more valuable than any other. It is the one Book that we should all be reading, the main reason that we learn to read. This Book is the Bible, God’s Word to us. The Bible covers many topics, all of them applicable to each of us today. It is truly a timeless Book, and will last forever.

Bible verses

We first learn about the creation of the world by God, and how sin entered the world. Then there is a prophecy about a Savior who would come to save us from our sins. There are many historical accounts that we can learn from, stories of those who followed God’s plan for their lives and stories of those who did not.

We also learn God’s law, that His standard for us is perfection, but that we are not able to meet this standard on our own. We are told that because we can not meet this standard, we will face eternal punishment if we are not saved.

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In the New Testament we are told about Jesus coming into the world as our Savior. Because He died and took our punishment, we are able to be reconciled to God if we accept Jesus as our Savior. If we accept this free gift, we will have eternal life and live forever and ever in Heaven with Jesus.

Continuing on in the New Testament, we learn about how the early Christian church was established by the followers of Christ. Then there are many books that contain teachings for us to follow, books that tell us how the Christian life is to be lived. The Bible ends with the account of how this world will end, with Christ being the conqueror.

Bible verses

The Bible is the Word of God, the One who has made each one of us. He has the ultimate claim over each of our lives. The ultimate opportunity we have is the opportunity to get to learn all this, believe it for ourselves, and apply the teachings of the Bible to our own lives, so that someday we can go to Heaven.

That is why each one of us should know how to read. That is why parents and teachers should be teaching children to read, so they can learn all this for themselves, as they read and study the Bible, God’s message to us.



  1. Bethany

    Yes, what a privilege we have to be able to read God’s Word for ourselves. This is an opportunity so many would have loved to have, and yet it’s so easy for us to take it for granted. I’m thankful to have been taught to read by a mom who views reading this way!

    1. Yes! I am so thankful for that as well!!

    2. It is easy to take for granted, and when I think about it… I get a bit guilty. 🙁 But the amazing thing is that we can witness to others, and they may be called by God to go and teach those who long for peace! 😀

      1. So true, Grace, that we often take this gift from God for granted. I am grateful that we can share this wonderful gift with others!

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