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Announcing: In Grandma’s Attic Study Guide Release

I don’t know about you, but ever since I first read the Grandma’s Attic books, they have been some of my favorites. Before we had our own copies of the books, my sister and I often borrowed them from friends. The stories are simple, often humorous, and teach good lessons. After reading In Grandma’s Attic, the first book in the series, you can’t help but love Mabel and Sarah Jane. You also can’t help wondering how two girls got into so many scrapes!

A notebook, pen, and book

I’m excited to let you know about a new product in my Teacher’s Pay Teachers store: a study guide/Bible study to accompany In Grandma’s Attic. Here’s the product description I included in my product listing.

“This companion guide to the book In Grandma’s Attic is designed to appeal to girls. The book can be read aloud to the students, or the students can read it on their own. After each chapter there will be worksheets and activities for the students to complete to reinforce the story in their minds.

“Many of the activities are those that girls especially would find enjoyable. The guided reading book study is divided into chapters to accompany each chapter in the book, with each chapter being a complete lesson(Book Not Included).

A doll craft with scissors, colored pencils, and glue

“Each worksheet has a section of review questions with space for the students to write their answers. These questions could also be asked verbally by the teacher and be used for discussion.

“There is also a section where the students do a short Bible study, based on the lesson that was taught in the chapter. At the end of each lesson is an activity related to the story for the students to do. The activity will vary from lesson to lesson.

“This is an excellent way to reinforce the story in the minds of the students, so they remember what they have learned. If you would like to see more of this product before buying, you can download Chapter 1 for free from my store.”

If you’re interested in the study guide, but don’t have a copy of In Grandma’s Attic to go along with it, you can borrow an e-book version from Or you can buy a copy here.

Here are some sample pages from the study guide.

So, what do you think of it? The crafts and activities are the kind I would have loved doing when I was younger(and secretly would still enjoy doing:). I have the study guide marked for ages 9-11, but girls younger and older would enjoy it as well.

This would make a great birthday or Christmas present for any girls you know who love writing or doing crafts. And it doesn’t have to be used for school! It could be used as a devotional book or just something to do for fun.

And in case you were wondering, I plan to do at least the next three books in this series. So if you like this study guide, you’ll want to come back for the others! I hope you enjoy it!



  1. Bethany

    This is probably my favorite product you’ve made so far, Hannah, and it is exactly something Mom would have gotten for us to do when we were younger. The crafts and study are perfect paired with such fun and wholesome stories.

    1. It’s my favorite too!! We would have had lots of fun doing it together, wouldn’t we?

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