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Springtime Celebration!

Today’s a big day on More Than Just Reading, and for me personally! I’m doing my first-ever giveaway!

What’s the occasion?

It just happens to be March 21st, which means it’s my 25th birthday! And because of that, I’m giving away some of my printable coloring bookmarks. 3 of y’all are going to win the Birds, Butterflies, & Flowers Bookmarks for sale in my store.

These bookmarks have KJV Bible verses, birds, and flowers. There are 30 bookmarks and 4 styles of sticker labels to put on the backs if you are giving them as gifts.

Before we get to the giveaway instructions, I’d like to share this essay on Spring that I wrote for one of my college classes. I hope you enjoy it.

Springtime Texas Style

When the cold begins to lessen, and the winter birds start their journey back up north, everyone knows that spring is soon approaching in North Texas. First the early spring flowers, the daffodils, tulips, and hyacinths, lift their heads, bringing cheer into the world that still retains much of the drabness of winter. By the time these flowers have reached the end of their blooming season, the trees will have begun leafing out.

The grass that had been a dry, crunchy brown changes to a soft green and begins growing rapidly. Cottontail rabbits cautiously hop out of the woods to eat the new growth, while insects hide and scurry amongst the tufts of grass

Along the roadways and in the fields, a lovely wildflower making its appearance is heralded with great joy by all the locals, as they celebrate the return of their much-loved state flower: the Texas Bluebonnet. Other wildflowers are blooming as well, and they all blend together to create a colorful landscape.

In the flower garden a host of perennials spring into bloom. Tiny buds are forming on the rose bushes and will soon open to reveal bright yellow roses. The dianthus, phlox, and salvia show off their assortment of colors. Hummingbirds and butterflies are attracted by the nectar that these flowers contain. Honeybees also make their visit, gathering pollen and nectar to take back to their hive.

On the porch of the guest house next to the flower garden, a pair of songbirds named for their cheery call of, “Phoebe! Phoebe!” begin to restore last year’s nest in preparation for the new family they will be raising this spring. The phoebes are not the only birds nesting; bluebirds take up residence in the birdhouse. Cardinals and wrens find the perfect spot to build their own nests. Then they gather twigs and leaves to weave and wind together, making a cozy home for the baby birds that will soon be hatching.

Spring is a wonderful time of year, when new life returns after a dreary and colorless winter. The sun shines, the birds sing their cheerful tunes, and the spring showers water the ground. The most beautiful time of year has come once again to the countryside of North Texas.

Giveaway Rules:

For returning subscribers: just leave a comment below, answering the question.

For those not yet subscribed: Complete the subscription box below, leave a comment below with the word Subscribed, and answer the question.

Question: What’s your favorite thing about spring?

The giveaway is open until Wednesday, the 23rd at 11:59, CST. After that, I will randomly select three winners and send them a PDF with the bookmarks. The winners will be announced in Saturday’s newsletter!



  1. Lilly

    Subscribed! My favorite thing about spring… oh that’s hard! Spring 100, flowers, new life, and Bible Bee are on my list!

    1. Oooh, Spring 100! That’s definitely one of my favorite parts of spring too, Lilly!

  2. Subscribed as well! I love the flowers, the grass becoming green again, and also, just the beauty and seeing all the colors again. <3

    1. Yes, I love the grass turning green again too, Pearl! And the trees leafing out!

  3. Subscribed. My favorite thing about spring is the flowers and the sunshine. Also the feeling of the world waking up after a long rest.

    1. Ah, the warm sunshine! I enjoy it too, Sarah!

  4. Ohh I love so many things about spring! Probably my favorites are: fireflies, days being longer, flowers, and climbing trees!

    1. Chasing fireflies are among my fond childhood memories! I enjoy the days getting longer too!

  5. Crystal McKnight

    Sunshine! and being outside.

    1. Yes to both, Crystal! Being outside is so nice after being inside so much during winter!

  6. Sophia Davis

    Here I am, finally commenting, lol! I enjoyed your spring paragraph; the pictures were really cute!

    1. Yay! I’m glad you enjoyed it, Sophia! It was fun to write.

  7. Judy Haldeman

    I really enjoyed your essay on spring! I’m waiting for my redbud tree to bloom. The grass is beginning to grow in Central Missouri. I’m thankful for some warmer weather too. Happy 25th birthday, although this is late.

    1. Thank you, Aunt Judy! Our redbuds are in full bloom here, and the bluebonnets are too! I’m glad you enjoyed the essay!

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