6 ways to use music as a ministry
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6 Ways to Use Music as a Ministry

Music is such a blessing and and encouragement to many people. It can be used as an evangelism opportunity as well as for a time of fellowship. In this post I will be sharing six ways that music can be used for ministry opportunities.

A flute next to a flute case with roses in it

1. Play Music in Church

Most churches have special songs that are played and sang by various members of the congregation. This is one way you can use music in church. At my church, my sister and I and the other young ladies have formed an ensemble and will play and sing together from time to time for the special music.

Another way is by playing with the congregational singing. If your instrument is one that can accompany singing, you might have the opportunity to play in your church services. You could be an extra pianist for when the main pianist is not able to be present.

You would need to ask the church leaders ahead of time, but most churches are glad for music volunteers. And I know that the elderly members love hearing young people play and sing. Which leads into my next way we can use music as a ministry

Roses resting on the neck of a guitar

2. Play Music in Nursing Homes or Retirement Centers

I know right now this isn’t really an option with the current events going on, but I still had to include it in my post. The elderly people in these facilities are often lonely; they don’t get many visitors, and they are glad when people come to visit them. They also enjoy listening to music.

One of my sister’s former piano teachers held her students’ recitals at a nursing home. This gave the students practice playing in front of someone other than their parents, and it was a blessing to the residents at the nursing home.

We had a dear friend in a retirement center in another state that we would visit from time to time. When we went, my sister and I often sang and played for her on the piano, which was in the main area where the residents would gather.

Often others would stop to listen, some of them being those who were not open to the Gospel. You never know who will be listening to your music and be drawn to the Lord by it.

Piano keys

3. Play Music for Elderly Friends in Their Homes

Not all elderly people live in nursing homes or retirement centers; some still live alone in their homes or with family members. This provides another opportunity for ministering through music.

For several years now, my family has done the yard work for an elderly lady we are good friends with. In the past when we would go to mow her yard, we would often take our instruments along with us, so we could play and sing for her. If we didn’t, she would always remind us to bring them the next time we came.

4. Play Music Over the Phone

This way of ministering through music is quite relevant, given the times in which we are living. When we are not able to get together with someone, be it because of sickness, distance, or some other reason, we can still reach them through the phone or on the internet.

With the use of speaker-phone, you can play music over the phone. You might have relatives who live a long ways off, but with the phone you can share your music with them. Other friends, especially elderly friends, would appreciate a phone call like this as well.

A hymn book leaning against the head of a guitar

5. Play Music With Friends

A wonderful way to fellowship with friends is by getting together to play music. Some of my favorite memories with friends are those when we have been playing and singing together.

If you and your friends have an opportunity to minister to others through music, getting together to practice can be a real blessing to you and your friends. Or if you just want to play together for no reason in particular, that can be an encouragement as well.

6. Play Music in Family Devotions

We can minister through music to our immediate family as well. When we have family devotions or a family church service, music adds a lot to it. Our singing and playing should not just be something we share with others; we should share it with our family as well. When we gather to worship the Lord as a family, we should use our music talents to worship Him.

Do you have any other suggestions how we can use music as a ministry? I would love to hear them in the comments!



  1. Anna

    Oh! This was such a great post, Hannah! I have done all the ways you suggested, except for playing music over the phone ☺️ I really enjoy playing piano while the congregation sings, Although I haven’t done that in awhile! I also love playing for people in nursing homes, and some dear, elderly friends of ours ? and I love playing music with friends!! A lot of times I’ll play piano while some friends sing, but sometimes I’ll play mandolin while my sister plays piano ? It’s such a blessing to me to know that the music I play can be a blessing to others! ???

    1. Yes, I feel the same way about music, Anna! It must be so enjoyable when you and your sister play together. I know it is for me when Bethany and I do! I would love to hear you both play sometime!!

      1. Anna

        Yes!! It is so, SO fun to play with Lydia! ? So blessed to have a sister to play music with!!!

        Oh!! It would be so fun to play for you sometime! Whether virtually or in person! ????

        1. Yes, it would! I hope it works out sometime to do that!!

  2. I enjoyed this post!! Music is such a beautiful tool + gift that can be used for ministry. Thank you for the encouragement, Hannah!

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed it, Rachel! Yes, it is a wonderful gift and a blessing to others!

  3. Thank you for the suggestions! This is an encouragement to get up and practice some of my instruments. 😀
    I’ve seen YouTube videos of those “flash-mobs” where musicians pop out from a busy crowd in a street and begin playing hymns. Sometimes the audience would join in the singing. I’m not sure it is something that a few friends could do together nowadays, but I think it would be a wonderful idea to suggest to a friend in a large Christian-school orchestra.

    1. That is a fun idea, Grace! I have always wanted to be in a flash-mob. Maybe we could do one together, one of these days!!

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