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Sunshine & Rainbows!

I was nominated for the Sunshine & Rainbows Blog tag by my good friend, Anna. Thank you, Anna! What is this tag? “The sunshine & rainbows blog tag is an award created to show appreciation for bloggers who bring positivity and happiness into our lives!”

The Rules:

Thank the blogger who tagged you

Share the badge and rules in your post

Include this blog tag statement: “The sunshine & rainbows blog tag is an award created to show appreciation for bloggers who bring positivity and happiness into our lives!”

Answer the tag’s 5 questions

Tag 5-10 bloggers whose blogs you love reading!

Include a custom message to your nominees about why you tagged them

Keep on blogging! We love that you’re a part of the blogging world!

The Questions

1. What are your favorite kinds of posts to write?

The Grace Reid stories. Stories are something I love writing, and I enjoy being able to write short stories and not having to worry about the overall plot like when I am working on a book.

2. What’s a post you’d love to write, but haven’t yet?

Hmm, this question took some thought. I would like to write a devotional post on prayer. I have some ideas for it, but haven’t yet developed it into a post. Hopefully, I will get it written some time next year.

3. In what ways do you enjoy helping other people?

I enjoy helping others through teaching, doing things for them, and through other kinds of opportunities that God gives me to be a blessing to others.

4. What (or who) inspires you?

Each member of my family inspires me in different ways. I am also inspired by biographies of great Christian men and women, especially those who went as missionaries to share the Gospel with those who had never heard It. We can learn much from the heroes of the Faith about how God led them, using them in mighty ways. And they were just ordinary people like you and me.

5. What do you love to see on other people’s blogs?

I enjoy reading book reviews, seeing life updates, and reading about what God has been teaching them recently.

A double rainbow over mountains

Who am I tagging?

I don’t have 10 or even 5 other bloggers to tag. But I do have two bloggers to tag for this. And if you have a blog and have not yet done this tag, I would like to tag you for it!


Your blog has been an encouragement to me, Grace! The devotionals are very good, and I have enjoyed seeing the changes you have made the last few months, deepening the content, and striving to encourage other young people as they follow the Lord.


I’ve enjoyed reading your blog over the last few months, Lilly. I enjoy reading what you write, and the stories you share from your life with spiritual applications are some of my favorite posts that you do.


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