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Beatin’ the Heat Fun Indoor Summer Activities

Summer. What does it make you think of this year? Maybe you think of sunny beaches, sandy flip flops, and juicy pineapple. Or maybe you think of swimming in the pool, cookouts in the backyard, and time spent enjoying the great outdoors.

Or maybe this is what you think of: heat, burning intense heat, sweat trickling down your face and neck, and the feeling like you absolutely can’t do anything until it cools off.

Can you resonate most with the last one? If so, this post is for you, to help you overcome the summer doldrums. Having lived all but the first seventeen months of my life in Texas, I can completely understand this feeling.

We were home-schooled which allowed a certain amount of flexibility in our schedule. Usually we did not get summers completely off school. It was too hot to be outside, so we would do a light school load then and be able to take off at other times when the weather was more pleasant.

Summers here can be rough, especially when you consider we can have temperatures well over 100° while still having a significant amount of humidity.

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So what do you do when it’s unbearably hot outside? What are some indoor summer activities you can do to keep from being bored when it’s too hot to go outside? I’ll share some ideas with you!

Fun Indoor Summer Activities

  • Read a Book
  • Write Something
  • Make Something Cool to Eat
  • Color or Draw
  • Play Music
  • Spend Time with a Sibling

Read a Book

Did that one surprise you? This is More Than Just Reading after all! So, what should you read? Well, maybe you’re like me and have a pile of books on the nightstand that are waiting to be read. Go choose the one that looks the most interesting.

It’s okay to read something not especially educational. This is summer, and you’re trying to get out of that slump of wanting to do nothing. Find an interesting or exciting book, and get lost in it!

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Write Something.

Write an essay about summer! Practice using descriptive words and playing around with different writing styles.

Do you have a work in progress? See how many words or pages you can get added to it before summer is over!

Is there a pen-pal you need to write? Get out the pretty stationery and write a nice letter. Ask about their summer and what they have done. And don’t complain about the heat; complaining about it only makes it more unbearable. Remember, we’re trying to find ways to beat the heat!

watermelon, indoor summer activities

Make Something Cool to Eat or Drink.

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Ice cream, popsicles, iced tea, lemonade. There are lots of different options, and some of them are pretty quick and easy, especially if you have lemonade mix. If you’re hot, go make a nice cool treat, find a nice cool place to enjoy it, and do something fun, like something from one of the other categories.

I’m a pretty serious coffee drinker, so in the summertime I like making iced coffee drinks. A caramel frappe is one of my favorites and my go-to summer drink!

Color or Draw.

I’m glad coloring is in vogue with adults and teens now. It’s one of my childhood pastimes I never outgrew (I have several of those). If you’re bored, pull out a coloring page and color a pretty picture.

Do you want it to be nice enough to give to someone? Check out this printable coloring book that covers the whole of Psalm 103. These pretty pictures would make a great gift. And the cards could be used for writing that pen-pal letter.

watercolor project, indoor summer activities

Or if you don’t have anything to color or would rather, you can draw. I don’t draw much; I wasn’t given that talent. But even if you can’t draw well, you can still do it. Doodling on a blank sheet of paper can be fun. I usually end up drawing some sort of geometric design that is lopsided on one side, but I have fun doing it! And maybe you are a talented artist. Go use that creativity God has given you!

Play Music.

Interested in learning Summer by Vivaldi? That’s a good summertime piece of music! Whatever instrument you play, if you’re bored, go play something. Maybe you have a favorite song you like playing again and again. Mine is an Etude that I memorized from my practice book. Sounds boring, I know, but I like seeing how fast I can play it without messing up.

Or maybe you like picking out new songs and playing little runs and scales, doodling on your instrument like some people do on paper. Whatever way you like playing, go do it. Play an old song, play a new song; just play!

watermelon, indoor summer activities

Spend Time With a Sibling.

You may be an only child, or all your siblings may be gone from home, but if you do have siblings around, spend some time with them. You could do any of these indoor summer activities with them, or you could play a game together, or do some housework together.

Being together is half the fun of whatever you’re doing, at least it is for me and my siblings. Find something fun to do, to make memories and get your mind off the heat!


Now, don’t you feel cooler now? Less inclined to complain and wish for snow or an iceberg? I hope you decide to go do one of these suggestions! If you do, be sure to come back here and leave a comment to let me know. Do you have any other suggestions of indoor summer activities to do inside when it’s too hot to be outside? Let us in on the secret!

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  1. Bethany

    This was such a refreshing blog post to read on this hot summer day! Thank you, Hannah!!

    1. Glad you enjoyed it, Bethany! And I hope you stay cool!

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