How to not waste your summer
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How to NOT Waste Your Summer

Last week I wrote a tongue-in-cheek blogpost about how to waste your entire summer. Today, I’m returning with some strategies for making sure we don’t waste our time, a precious gift from God.

Sadly, many of us myself included, are guilty or have been guilty of some of the ways for wasting time I mentioned last week.

So how can we manage our time wisely in the summer when our schedule is often different from the rest of the year?

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How to Not Waste Your Summer

  • Spend time with the Lord
  • Plan
  • Make time for what matters most
  • Have a summer schedule
  • Cut out distractions
  • Be cheerful

Spend time with the Lord.

When making plans, first spend time with the Lord, asking Him what He would have you to do. Then throughout your summer, keep spending time with Him. Seek His will for what He wants you to be doing. Let this verse be your motto for the summer and once summer is over: 1 Chronicles 16:11 Seek the LORD and his strength, seek his face continually.

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Make some plans. What do you want to accomplish this summer? It doesn’t have to be anything big, and there’s nothing wrong with having fun and resting during the summer.

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But you should have plans of what you want to do, even if it’s going swimming, reading a book, or laying in a hammock. When you have plans, you will be much more likely to accomplish something than if you just wander aimlessly through your day.

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Make time for what matters most.

After planning what you want to do, decide what is the most important. What do you want the most time for? Is it reading, crafts, time outside or with a specific person (sibling, parent, child, etc.)

Once you have determined what your priorities are, make time for them. Cut out or limit other activities that could interfere with the most important things.

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Have a summer schedule.

If you are on break from your normal schedule, make a summer schedule. Have some structure to your day. You could schedule time outside in the morning when it is cooler and schedule activities like reading or craft projects in the afternoon.

Your day doesn’t have to be jam-packed with activities, but having a guide will help you know what to do next and may prevent boredom.

Cut out distractions.

Okay, so you have a schedule and plans for what you want to get done, but along comes a distraction while you are trying to finish up a Hello card for a friend. Your phone notification chime goes off. What should you do?

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Distractions can disrupt our most carefully-planned plans. Sometimes they are necessary and need to be taken care of immediately. Other times, they should be ignored and not allowed to interrupt us. So when you are interrupted, determine what kind of distraction it is, whether it is important or just a hindrance to whatever you’re doing.

Check your phone. If it was important, take care of it. If not, put it aside and finish that card. By cutting out unnecessary distractions, you are using your time wisely and not wasting your summer.

Be cheerful.

Remember that no matter how much you plan, things won’t always go exactly according to plan. When necessary interruptions come up or you don’t get to do something you really wanted to do, remember to be cheerful.

Complaining and having a bad attitude will not make the situation any better and will just make you and everyone around you miserable. God has allowed these situations, so look at them as coming from Him for a way to help you grow in your relationship with Him.


So how do we keep from wasting our time on summer break? Plan, seek the Lord, prioritize, and cut out distractions. A fun summer and a profitable summer can be the same thing! Read that interesting-looking book you haven’t had time for. Look for other activities that are both enjoyable and profitable.

Did you enjoy learning about how to not waste your summer break? Are you already bored with your summer and in need of something to do inside where it’s cool? Then, be sure to come back next Wednesday when I share some ways you can beat the heat!



  1. Great post, Hannah! “So how do we keep from wasting our time on summer break? Plan, seek the Lord, prioritize, and cut out distractions. ” YES!!! ???

    1. So glad you enjoyed this post, Rachel!!

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